Zumba Shoes for Women

Short History of Zumba

Zumba was invented by Beto Perez. The story is quite interesting.  Zumba was actually created by accident.  Mr Perez forgot a music tape for one of his dance aerobic classes. He didn’t have any other options so he quickly improvised and grabbed a tape from his car. It happen to be a traditional Salsa and Merengue music tape. He never had a class with this type of music so he used the dance moves from this genre for his class that day. Little did he know that years later, That over 14 million people with over 140,000 locations and over 150 countries would follow.

What are the Best Zumba Shoes?


Lets Cover the Basics about dance shoes

Airflow – Each model  has their own way of getting air in out for a better airflow and comfort. So shoe manufactures have a mesh system to do this. Were others may have a specially designed airflow system in place.

Weight – Ideally you would want to find the perfect fit between lightweight and quality support. Most shoes using Mesh to ventilate their shoes tend to be lighter and easier to wear.

Ample foot room – Most Zumba Events will have you on your tip toes showing of your fitness dance moves.  You want to make sure you have enough room so that your toes can stretch and move freely without restriction.

Stability – Ideally you would like to find a shoes that has a wider sole. A wider sole will help give you more stability. Most Zumba classes will have dancing and moving at a fast pace, having a wider sole will prevent your feet from rolling over and possibly spraining an ankle.

Highest Rated Zumba Shoe Brands for Women

When you’re looking for the right dance shoe or any shoe we always go with brands we know and love. But when you’re looking for the perfect Workout Dance Shoe you need to do more research on different brands. At footwire.com we have taken the time to research this so you don’t have to. Below we have a list of brands you should look out for if you are looking for high quality Zumba Dance Shoes.


Ryka has to be the number one rated and recommend dance shoe for most studios. If you are going to participate in any dance activity defiantly take a look at Ryka. Their shoes are designed with a upper mesh that has several over layers of synthetic  materials.  Most of their shoes also offer a Ortholite removable insert as well as a textile lining. All that being said it just makes their shoes more comfortable, with great stability and durability. No wonder most coaches and students recommend them so highly. There Ryka Dynamics are very popular.


Nike is a worldwide name with brand recognition most companies only wish for. Most people know there trademark swoosh or just do it advertisements. And to be honestly some of my favourite pairs of dance shoes are Nikes. No wonder they are one of the best selling Zumba Shoes on the market. Most dance shoes Nike offers are super lightweight and offer superior breathability. One of their most popular models is the Nike Flex.


Bloch is quickly becoming a favourite among Zumba enthusiasts .  And for good reason, Bloch has many shoes specifically designed many of their models  for Zumba or any other Dance Fitness program. There sneaker s offer great features like a breathable mesh and a full sole and midsole that helps absorb shock.  Bloch philosophy of listening to their clients is still evident today as it was in 1932 when the company started. One of their most popular shoe models is the Bloch DRT.

Zumba® shoes

Zumba actually makes their own brand of shoes.  Knowing there program better than anyone Zumba makes popular shoes among enthusiast.  Not only do Zumba shoes have a very vivid looking design that can intrigue most women, but they also have some features that can help prevent injuries.  They have a rubber EVA outsole with pivot points basically this can give you a better grip and help prevent ankle injuries.  The most popular models by far are the Z-Kicks.

Capezio shoes

Capezio has been around since 1887. This brand ranks up there with Bloch and Ryka with their popularity amongst Zumba or and Dance Fitness program enthusiast.  They are an Italian brand founded by Salvatore Capezio. Capezio shoes are well known around the world for their quality and unique appearance. You can even find from time to time seeing these shoes in Vogue Magazine. They carry many different models but there most popular for Dance Fitness programs are the Capezio DS24.

 Other Brands

Some other brands that we have heard good reviews from are

  • Asics one of their most popular model is the ASICS Rhythmic.
  • Puma we have heard great things about the PUMA Janine
  • New Balance our readers enjoy the WX867
  • Reebok The Reebok UR Lean and the UR are very popular

Top 5 Zumba Dance Shoes for Women

This list was created based on upon research and reviews given to us by students and teachers. This list is in no order, each shoe in the list are all highly recommended.

Ryka Studio D

Ryka is always a popular brand amongst Zumba Followers. The Studio D ranks up there with the most popular shoes in the dance fitness market. The Studio D comes in many different colors and designs. Not only do these shoes look great on your feet but they are built to last. The Ryka Studio D features a combination of synthetic molded coverings. They also feature a breathable mesh that helps with airflow, weight and to give the shoes more flexibility. The nice thing about this model is your feet will stay cool throughout the whole workout. The Studio D is a great choice for anyone who needs extra heel support, with the padded collar and tongue ensures your heel will have more than enough support and comfort. If you are looking for a lightweight comfortable shoe with great heel support this is a great model.

Nike Free Fit


Nike every year improves on this model. From the TR-3 all the way to the new Free 5.0. If you’re looking for a flexible lightweight shoe don’t forget to look at the Nike Free Fit.  Some of the main reasons these shoes are so popular in the Zumba Community is because of the many features. Nike has engineered a foam package with minimal seams to drastically improve breathability. They also have reduced lace pressure with their wick sweat designed tongue. Last but not least these shoes offer incredible flexibility,  with there a multidirectional platform. If you’re looking for a great Nike shoe to use for Dance Fitness or any other type of work out look out for the Nike Free Fit.

Bloch Amalgam


The Bloch brand is always know for their superior quality and comfort. The Bloch Amalgam is no different. The Amalgam is a lightweight shoe, partially because of its Dri-lex lining. This lining also non wrinkling and helps to prevent odor / mildew. These shoes have a really nice rubber sole which helps with comfort and grip. The nice thing about this sole as well is that its non marking. Just a word of caution when looking to buy these shoes be sure to order 1 size larger. Students and teachers recommend this because this model can run on the smaller size. If you’re looking for a Dance shoe with a lot of support and comfort than the Bloch Amalgam may be for you.

Capezio DS24


The Capezio DS24 is another great shoe. This shoe features a split sole similar to the Bloch Amalgam. Capezio is another brand known for their quality and durability. The DS24 will offer a close fit shoe which will have a nice snug fit. Word of caution similar to the Bloch Amalgam if you plan on purchasing the DS24 order a size larger because they can run small. The DS24 has a list of nice features like a Mesh, suede, and synthetic upper. Padded Achilles notch for added comfort. Another great feature is the sole is a non marking PU outsole with built in flex points. Another great shoe to check out from the Capezio Line.

Zumba® Z-Kickz Shoes


Zumba Z-Kick are one of the most popular Zumba Shoes on the market. Leave it to Zumba to create a great shoes for their workout curriculum. The Z kicks are light-weight and made for any kind of Dance Workout. Not only are they light but they are extremely durable. The Z-Kicks have a Nylon Ripstop shell which adds to its durability. Note of caution the Z Kicks are on the wide side so If you have small feet these might not be the best pair for you. You can buy the Z Kicks in several different styles and colors. If your feet are on the wider side and you are looking for a lightweight shoe the Z kicks are perfect.

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