Top 20 Frugal Bloggers To Follow In 2015

The best piece of advice in the book “your money or your life” is so obvious you could never think of it. It’s one of those little gems hiding in plain sight, un-guessable, without prompting. When you read it you may dismiss it as not relevant, don’t make that mistake. This advice will change your life…

Stop spending money on the things you don’t like and start spending on the things you do!

So why am I telling you this…

It’s simple, because you and I both know that whatever activity you are into, footwear is key to enjoyment. Whether it’s walking, climbing, running, dancing or tennis buying the best footwear you can afford will make the difference to your enjoyment.

That is why I have put together a list of the top 20 frugal bloggers you should follow in 2015. Reading these blogs will save you money on the things you don’t like…well you get the picture, right?

here’s the list…

I will teach you to be rich

I will teach you to be rich

Brought to you by Ramit Sethi, one of the original personal finance guru’s online. Ramit pulls no punch’s, he wants you to live a debt free life. He shows you how to set up a financial plan that allows you to indulge in guilt free spending. Imagine that, being able to buy the finest footwear money can buy and not feel guilty about it.


money ning

Founded in 2007 moneyning is brought to you by David Ning. David is a success story, of that there is no doubt, just have a look at the about page to see what we mean. The philosophy of moneyning is to take action based on common sense knowledge, which is often overlooked. How many times have we been given a pearl of wisdom that is so obvious we miss the point totally, not anymore.

The simple dollar

the simple dollar

The simple dollar is brought to you by Trent Hamm. The story behind this blog is what makes it. Let’s just say it’s a story of epic fail turned into great success, in eight short months. Shows what you can do if you put your mind to it. Ok, so we spoilt the ending but the detail is still worth a read.

NCN Blog

no credit needed

Another birthday blogger in the list. No credit needed was started in 2005 by a guy in his mid 30’s who goes by the online moniker of ncn (no credit needed, see what he did there). As the name suggest ncn blogs about how to live life debt free.

That’s right, no borrowing money to pay for things. Anyway plenty of tips in there to get you thinking about spending on the things you love, without going into debt for the things you don’t love.

Funny About Money

funny about money

Another site brought to you by an international person of mystery. The philosophy of this blogger is to live a simple life. Simplicity is the key to a stress free, frugal life. We all wish we had a simpler stress free life, well here’s a blogger with ideas on how to do just that.



Happy 10th birthday! Bargaineering was started way back in 2005 by Jim Wang. He believes that life is about enjoying the things you love and spending time with the people you love. We couldn’t agree more. There is a whole section on Frugality in the main navigation on the top.

Dough Roller

dough roller

Brought to you by Rob Berger, who likes to make more, spend less and invest the rest. In the resources page there is a whole section on budgeting and money management. Best of all if you get bored of reading you can mosey on over to his podcast and have a listen.

Cash money life

cash money life

Brought to you by ex military man Ryan Guina. Ryan is a married father of one who likes to share tips on saving money. Let’s face it anyone with a whole section on free money is worth a look, right?

Brip blap

brip blap

Brought to you by Steve a married father of two. Not only is Steve chronicling his journey to financial freedom, he writes about weight loss. Steve used to be a big guy, but he managed to lose enough. We like that he mixes financial frugality with healthy topics.

Blogging Away Debt

blogging away debt

Brought to you by a group of bloggers who are all on the journey to become debt free. They have all left college with massive debts, which are slowly being reduced. Actually by the looks of things the debt is being reduced quickly. Anyway we like their consistency in living a frugal life.




Guess what, KC Beavers, the founder of has made it, he’s a millionaire, all before he’s 30. He’s also got a big family to support, we all know how much raising kids costs. Hats off to KC, he’s got some great tips on saving your way to the top.

Savings 2 invest

saving 2 invest

Run by an international person of mystery, we like this site because it’s packed full of practical advice on making the best of your finances. Any site that contains an article about simple healthy meals for under $5 is ok by us. Look at it this way 100,000 visitors a month (see the about page) can’t all be wrong, can they?

Man versus debt

man vs debt

Originally started by Adam Baker to spread the word of frugality. Adam handed over the reigns in 2012 to his wife Courtney. We especially like the motto “Sell your crap…pay off your debt…do what you love”. Adam and Courtney have done the first 2 so that they can do more of the 3rd part.

My dollar plan

my dollar plan

Originally started by Madison DuPaix the site is all on a wide range of personal finance insights. Best of all is the 153 articles on frugal living, which will have you spending your spare cash on the things you love doing in no time.

Bible Money Matters

bible money matters

Brought to you by Peter Anderson, bible money matters mixes frugality, faith and family. Peter is a young married man who has managed to break the shackles of student loans and other debt to live a debt free life. He shares his insights readily in the belief that everyone can break free of debt.

Free from broke

free from broke

Like many, Glen Craig used to live paycheck to paycheck. All that is a thing of the past for Glen. Luckily for us he has chronicled the transition.

Clever dude

clever dude

Mike is the dude behind clever dude. From the advice on offer it’s not just a clever name. This guy is the real deal.

Money smart life

money smart life

Written by Ben Edwards, who’s been a lifelong student of personal finance. The site has a whole section on frugality which will save you a ton of money on your bills and purchases.

Follow the money smart life advice and you’ll be wearing the finest footwear money can buy in no time at all (once they go on sale of course 🙂

2 Million blog

2million blog

Brian is an IBM engineering manager with the lofty goal of making $2 million + the value of his primary residence. No mean feat, by any means. Brian has a page dedicated to his current net worth, which shows a healthy balance as of Feb 2015.

No Debt Plan

no debt plan

Kevin is a self taught frugal living expert. His goal is to reach retiremtent as soon as possible with, at least, a million dollars in the bank. From what I can see, he’s well on the way. The best part about Kevin is that he lives what he preaches.

Wrap up

So there you have it, 20 frugal bloggers that you can follow. These bloggers have shown us the way to financial freedom and that it doesn’t have to come late in life. With a bit of hard work and determination you could be living a frugal life, free to pursue whatever activities have lead you here.

About the author

John and Ellen Macaully

We are the voices behind footwire, we love to travel and are very active. Some of our favorite activities are hiking, running and rock climbing. We are very passionate about the shoes we choose for our personal use and each and every review we conduct is from the perspective of what we would buy for ourselves.

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Gary @ Super Saving Tips - June 24, 2015

Thanks for a great list. Some of these blogs I already follow, but some are new to me and I can’t wait to check them out.

    John and Ellen Macaully - June 25, 2015

    You are welcome Gary, feel free to check them all out.

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