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Zumba Shoes for Women

By John and Ellen Macaully / June 4, 2015

Short History of Zumba Zumba was invented by Beto Perez. The story is quite interesting.  Zumba was actually created by accident.  Mr Perez forgot a music tape for one of his dance aerobic classes. He didn’t have any other options so he quickly improvised and grabbed a tape from his car. It happen to be a traditional […]


Best Zumba shoes for dancers & teachers

By John and Ellen Macaully / June 2, 2015

Zumba is a worldwide dance and excerise movement that has, in recent years, taken the world by storm. Craeted by accident by Beto Perez out of necessity for some music for his aerobics dance class, the Zumba movement now has millions of dancers worldwide which has opened up not only an excersice niche, but also […]