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The Best Running Shoes for a Steady Pace and Ultimate Protection

By FootWire / May 12, 2016

Extreme heel pain and unstable motion often kill the wonderful spirit of sportsmanship. However, with the invention of top-quality running shoes, many people with flat feet are now renewing their interest in athletics. Designers have come up with running shoes that feature plenty of toe room and superior arch support for people suffering from plantar […]


Top 20 Frugal Bloggers To Follow In 2015

By John and Ellen Macaully / June 24, 2015

The best piece of advice in the book “your money or your life” is so obvious you could never think of it. It’s one of those little gems hiding in plain sight, un-guessable, without prompting. When you read it you may dismiss it as not relevant, don’t make that mistake. This advice will change your […]