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Best Zumba shoes for dancers & teachers

Zumba shoes jumping

Zumba is a worldwide dance and excerise movement that has, in recent years, taken the world by storm. Craeted by accident by Beto Perez out of necessity for some music for his aerobics dance class, the Zumba movement now has millions of dancers worldwide which has opened up not only an excersice niche, but also the need for some specialised shoes to get the Zumba beats flowing. So, we embarked on a quest, a quest to find the best shoes to Zumba for 2015. We have some of the usual suspects remaining popular as well as some unusual ones. We asked some reddit users in the Zumba fitness group as well as the the Experience Project forum for their advice.

At Footwire we discuss what we believe are important aspects for the best Zumba dance shoe – considering airflow, weight of the shoe, ample foot room, & stability. Given all of these considerations, the Ryka was rated the number one recommended dance shoes for most studios (particularly the Ryka Dynamics line). Nike, Bloch, Zumba shoes, & Capezio Shoes are also contenders for consideration.

So, to begin our research, lets dive in and see what the communities of reddit and The Experience Project thought.

Ballet Shoes 

“The women I know who like zumba classes wear ballet shoes!!!”

Lady Gypsy – experienceproject

I thought I would start with the most interesting suggestion first – Ballet Shoes for Zumba. While not being a conventional trainer-style shoe, ballet shoes offer many of the aspects perfect for dancing Zumba – they are lightweight and stable for the dancer, and given that they are dance-specific they can offer airflow given the low amount of materials used to make a ballet shoe. They also provide stablilty from being tight around the foot with straps to tighten the shoe to your ankle, however foot-room may vary for each dancer as Ballet shoes tend to cater to a narrower foot.

Ryka Shoes 

As somone who has had BOTH, I prefer the rhythmic Rykas over the Zumba brand shoes. That being said, I am still looking for the “perfect” pair of shoes to Zumba in. I have wide feet and so I usually experience some discomfort due to that, but the turns with the rhythmic Rykas are great! Hope this helped.

InDisarray – reddit

I wear Rykas or any high top Reebok shoe. Any shoe that allows side to side movement, not just forward like running shoes 🙂

bumblebee_tunaz – reddit

The ever-popular Ryka was again a true contender for Zumba dancers, which is not surprising given the shoe make and design which is perfect for Zumba and has also been the obvious winner over the past few years in popularity stakes. Not having been outranked this year, Ryka offers a shoe that is made of many synthetic layers to provide lightweight capabilities, has great stability through strong materials and a cushion layer and flexibility through the use of breathability mesh. Ryka base their shoe line around the specific needs of a Woman’s foot (narrower heel and wider toe, with sideways movement ability, for example) and the most popular lines for Zumba is the Studio D shoe, the Transition and the Synergy.

Nike Duel Fusion

moosefungus from reddit discussed both the Nike Duel Fusion and the Ryka

“Women often need a different arch support than men, and that is why the Nike Dual Fushion also rates highly as a popular choice. The shoe is a trainer, therefore offers support, flexibility and comfort while also being robust enough to wear in other areas of the gym including cardio workouts or weights – reducing the number of shoes you need to buy (but what women wants LESS shoes!). They are also readily available to purchase (whereas it may be harder to find different types of Ryka to try on) and Nike has a strong brand name with good quality and well priced footwear to boot.”

For the Men 

Man Zumba dancingSomething that was amiss with all the suggestions and comments we received was suggestions for Men to be able to Zumba in. “I bought the Capezio Bolt Dansneaker. I’m a guy so I just had to order it 2 sizes up from my normal men’s size (and it worked, they fit). They really help on carpet or rubberish floors. On slick floors like at a dance studio they are like ice though, way too slippery. I have to remember to wear my regular shoes (which are Converse) when I go to places with slick floors. The Capezio shoes have a gap in the sole along the arch where it’s just shoe fabric material, to allow the shoe and your foot to flex freely.”

denito2 – reddit

For men, it is a little bit harder to find a Zumba shoe to dance away in. The Capezio came back as a contendor, and they do have a dedicated Men’s dance range in the Dansneaker for those men wishing to purchase a quality and dedicated dance shoe. Capezio have been in the business of dance shoes for many years, and have proven their worth through ballet shoes, jazz, tap and gym shoes and everything in between. The Dansneaker has a platform toe and flexible sole (gap in the middle) which means that they really are a dedicated dance shoe, and are perfect for Jazz and Hip Hop dance along with Zumba. The all-black or all-white colourings make them more discreet for men wanting to wear a dance shoe.

For the teachers 

Zumba teacher

“I use these to teach in and I love them! They support my ankle and have super flush tread that’s great for pivots, twisting and lateral movements….also they have a low heel which is great. Osiris makes a bunch of different color combos meaning they go with almost any outfit I put together and they are always a big hit with my classes. I got mine at Ross for $16 as a gamble and am SO glad I took the plunge.” das_pickle_ble – reddit

“Don’t get Zumba shoes. I use nike dual fusion run 2. With extra spenco waking insole. Sounds complicated. But I teach 10 classes a week and more! My feet never hurt and i dance flawlessly in them! Must my opinion! But I’ve had my students try them and none have gone back!”

Supriza5 – reddit

For the dance teacher, Zumba shoes need to be hardwearing.

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We are the voices behind footwire, we love to travel and are very active. Some of our favorite activities are hiking, running and rock climbing. We are very passionate about the shoes we choose for our personal use and each and every review we conduct is from the perspective of what we would buy for ourselves.

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