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John and Ellen Macaully

We are the voices behind footwire, we love to travel and are very active. Some of our favorite activities are hiking, running and rock climbing. We are very passionate about the shoes we choose for our personal use and each and every review we conduct is from the perspective of what we would buy for ourselves.


How to choose the best climbing shoes 2015

By John and Ellen Macaully / July 6, 2015

Climbing has always been a popular sport with the active enthusiasts and nature lovers, but nowadays the young and old are turning to climbing as a recreational activity which can incorporate getting back to nature and climbing outdoor peaks, and also visiting the many climbing centres that are now popping up around town. For enthusiastic […]


Best Hiking Boots for Men and Women 2015

By John and Ellen Macaully / June 29, 2015

Hiking boots are specially designed footwear meant for use in situations that involve serious footwork that will put your feet in a lot of strain; for instance, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, backpacking and hunting. They are made from tough materials to protect your feet from harsh environments such as mountainous terrain, stones etc. As such, they […]


Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2015

By John and Ellen Macaully / June 27, 2015

What are flat feet? When a person stands up, normally, an arched gap between the foot and the ground can be noticed. However, some people do not have this arch or it is very low. This is called fallen arches or pes planus but it is most commonly known as flat feet. It is a […]


Top 20 Frugal Bloggers To Follow In 2015

By John and Ellen Macaully / June 24, 2015

The best piece of advice in the book “your money or your life” is so obvious you could never think of it. It’s one of those little gems hiding in plain sight, un-guessable, without prompting. When you read it you may dismiss it as not relevant, don’t make that mistake. This advice will change your […]


Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 2015

By John and Ellen Macaully / June 22, 2015

The plantar fascia is the ligament connecting the heel to the front part of the foot thus supporting the arch. It is very important in helping one to walk. Normally, the ligament is the shock absorber of the foot. Excessive pressure on the feet may damage/tear the plantar fascia. If damaged, this part of the […]


Zumba Shoes for Women

By John and Ellen Macaully / June 4, 2015

Short History of Zumba Zumba was invented by Beto Perez. The story is quite interesting.  Zumba was actually created by accident.  Mr Perez forgot a music tape for one of his dance aerobic classes. He didn’t have any other options so he quickly improvised and grabbed a tape from his car. It happen to be a traditional […]


Best Zumba shoes for dancers & teachers

By John and Ellen Macaully / June 2, 2015

Zumba is a worldwide dance and excerise movement that has, in recent years, taken the world by storm. Craeted by accident by Beto Perez out of necessity for some music for his aerobics dance class, the Zumba movement now has millions of dancers worldwide which has opened up not only an excersice niche, but also […]


10 exclusive sneakers presented by 10 experts

By John and Ellen Macaully / April 12, 2015

Addicted to new sneakers? We’ve picked out 10 exclusive sneakers – and linked to a preview of every pair. So, have a look – at these suggestions and the articles from all these awesome experts. #1 – Adidas Tubular Moc Runner Blush (blue) One of the upcoming sneaks from Adidas! Sweet and simple retro style […]


Running Shoes for High Arches – Are They Worth It?

By John and Ellen Macaully / March 31, 2015

Consider this.  Your foot is a fairly complex part of your body.  We usually think of it as one entity but it is actually composed of bones (26), joints (33), muscles (20), and over 100 ligaments. The punishment your feet take if you hammer out 15 or more miles a week is quite different from […]


What is the best insole for flat feet?

By John and Ellen Macaully / March 31, 2015

People who suffer with flat feet are always looking for ways to relieve the discomfort. Wearing the correct shoes and insoles go a long way to achieving this. But what makes a good insole for flat feet? Obviously there are many companies selling and marketing their insoles as being great for flat feet. But before […]

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