Having good health is the first step towards a more active and better lifestyle. We believe that our total well being as a person is extremely paramount as to how far we can reach in life. Our physical health is really the epicenter of our existence, and when it involves your feet it is never more relevant. Here at footwire we are committed to bringing you the best and latest information available regarding shoes, shoe accessories and anything else that has an impact on your foot health.  Our articles include everything from shoe guides and reviews to interviews with footwear company representatives.  We aren’t beholden to anyone company so you can rest assured all the reviews and articles we write are totally factual and impartial.

Meet John Macaully & Ellen Macaully

We are the voices behind footwire, we love to travel and are very active.  Some of our favorite activities are hiking, running and rock climbing.  We are very passionate about the shoes we choose for our personal use and each and every review we conduct is from the perspective of what would we buy this for ourselves. Is it made well, durable, comfortable, dependable?  Because nothing is worse than an having a hotspot appear 12 miles from the trail-head due to bad fit/design or a sole issue when you’re hanging off a cliff free climbing. We always love hearing from our readers and if you have a shoe you would like us to review or if you have your own personal shoe ‘equipment failure’ please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.